Sunday, 9 December 2012

Experimental Charcoal Work

For two weeks we did an experimental workshop using charcoal.  The first task was the idea of 'taking a line for a walk'.  We had to look up at the architecture of our studio and create a continuous line drawing of what we saw.  We then had to rub out what we had done and move to a different space in the room and do the same thing on top of this.  Several other stages were added and I created an interesting monochrome drawing.

Then we had several other tasks using charcoal, the focus being on experimenting with mark making.  The following drawing is of a piece of fur, and I have tried to use various marks and techniques to replicate the different textures.
Next our lecturer set up a still life using various objects such as hessian and ropes.  We were asked to draw it and then rub out areas and work back into it whilst he periodically moved the objects around and we moved places to see it from a different angle.  This was interesting as we continued to explore different textures and thought about how we could refine and develop our work.
For the final task we went to the Sidney Cooper Gallery, which is joined to our painting studio at CCCU.  The current exhibition at the time featured works by Anish Kapoor.  We had to look at his work, and take studies of it from different angles, and then create a charcoal drawing based on these studies and the rest of the techniques that we had learnt in the workshop.  Below is a photo of his work The Chant of Blue and then my drawings based on one of the sculptures.

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